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How do I apply to live at University Village?

Please visit UC Berkeley Housing

Are pets allowed?

No pets, except for fish in tanks under 20 gallons, small animals in tanks under 10 gallons, and caged birds, are permitted in the Village unless approved by the University as an emotional support animal. For more information on emotional support animals, see Pets, Emotional Support Animals, and Service Dogs.

Are appliances allowed?

All University apartments were not built to accommodate washers, dryers, dishwashers, disposals, extra freezers, refrigerators, air conditioners or bidets. Installing any of these appliances is a violation of your rental agreement and you may be subject to administrative fines plus structural damage costs to the apartment.

Is smoking allowed?

UC Berkeley became a tobacco-free campus on January 1, 2014. The Policy in Brief states: “Consistent with its emphasis on health and environmental protection, the University of California, Berkeley is tobacco-free, meaning the use of tobacco, smokeless tobacco, or unregulated nicotine products (i.e. “e-cigarettes”) is strictly prohibited in both indoor and outdoor spaces owned or leased by UC Berkeley.

Can I sublet my apartment?

Subleasing is prohibited unless approved by Cal Housing for summer months only (June to August). Contact, or call 510.642.4109.

I’m moving in. What do I need to know?

Refer to Moving In

I’m moving out. What do I need to know?

Refer to Moving Out

Where are the Study Centers?

Study centers are located in Bldg. 123, Apt 456; Bldg. 136, Apt. 787 and Bldg. 160, Apt. 105. East and West Village apartment door keys will open the study centers. Study rooms are available 24/7 for use unless maintenance and custodial work is required in the space. Wireless internet and study tables are available for use.

What facilities are available to rent for residents?

Refer to Room Reservations

How can I be added to receive Weekly Listserv Announcement?

Email to subscribe

How do I apply for a garden plot?

Visit University Village Community Garden

What do I need to know about bed bugs?

Refer to Bed Bug Advisory

What do I do during Lock Outs?

Refer to Lock Outs

How do I report maintenance issue?

Refer to Maintenance

Does University Village provide furnished apartments?

Refer to CORT Furniture



What are some alternatives being discussed to improve security other than increasing police presence?

There is an ongoing lighting project which will increase the illumination across UVA. We have partnered with a company that will be switching all exterior lights to LEDs and replacing worn/fogged up covers. 

Can we install more cameras around UVA to prevent theft?

The infrastructure at UVA is not set up for the easy installation of cameras, but it’s a long-term goal we have. Especially in light of recent events, we are exploring our options regarding camera installation.

How will we ensure that the increase in policing is not accompanied by an increase in racial profiling?

This is a real concern for many, as it came up in several questions. This is something that we are mindful of, and will continue to partner with UCPD on our overall strategy to be less reliant on law enforcement from UCPD. One way we are reimagining security at UVA is through leveraging our Community Assistants (CA) who can observe and address concerns in the community in lieu of UCPD officers.

Can UVA become a gated community?

Installing a gate isn’t a feasible option, because it would impact our AC Transit service, make it more difficult to get packages delivered, slow down emergency response, and create a barrier for guests.


Parking at UVA

May I keep a car at UVA?

Yes, you may have a vehicle (or more than one) at UVA. However, note:

  • This academic year (2023/2024): The cost of the one virtual parking permit is included in each UVA Rental Agreement. 
  • Academic year 2024-25: Starting with the 2024/2025 academic year, UVA residents with vehicle(s) will be required to register their vehicles and pay for a virtual permit.

How much will the parking permit cost starting in 2024-25?

The costs have yet to be determined, but we will communicate with residents when that price is announced. In the meantime, for those concerned about the impact of these costs, remember that students with actual rent expenses that exceed the standard Cost of Attendance are encouraged to contact Cal Student Central to discuss a Cost of Attendance Adjustment Request and additional aid options.
To be clear, parking permits requiring payment are not in effect this academic year (2023-24); this policy will be implemented next academic year (2024-25).

Why is Parking and Transportation managing parking moving forward?

The management by campus Parking & Transportation will help ensure that all residents, employees, and guests have access to adequate parking. As you may be aware, we have had incidents of parking by non-residents from the surrounding neighborhood – Parking & Transportation can help better enforce these violations.

What does a “virtual permit” mean?

Once you obtain a virtual permit, your license plate number will be your permit (as opposed to a hard-copy permit that would need to be displayed) and Parking and Transportation will enforce parking regulations using your license plate.

When can I get a permit?

September 1, 2023 the portal opens to register for your permit. You must register no later than October 1, 2023.

When do I have to have the permit process complete?

October 1, 2023 Parking and Transportation will start checking cars/license plates for parking permits.

How do I obtain a parking permit?

Register for a virtual permit by following these steps: 

  1. Navigate to the Parking & Transportation website at
    1. Click on “My P&T Online Login
  2. Scroll down and click on “CalNet Login”. If you are a new user you will click “Create Account” button. 
  3. Once you have created an account, click on “Permits” and then “Get Permits
  4. Review the information and follow the instructions to confirm your address. Click “Next’.
  5. Choose your permit type. Please scroll down until you see the options for University Village and choose the UVA Resident Permit. Click “Next
  6. Select the vehicle(s) you want to associate with your permit. You may have up to two (2) vehicles associated with your permit (for one assigned spot). Click “Next”.
    1. If you need to add a vehicle to your account, click on “Add Vehicle” and input your vehicle information: make, model, color, license plate number, year. Click “Next”.
  7. Click “Pay Now”. The amount will be $0.00 for academic year 2023/2024.

Your license plate number will be your permit and we will enforce parking regulations using your license plate.

What if my household has more than one car?

Each apartment has ONE assigned space. You may register as many as three cars that may be parked in your assigned space at University Village. For example, if one person from your household drives to work during the day, another person with a car registered to your household’s assigned space may park there while the other person/car is away.

If both cars need to be parked at UVA at the same time, one car from your household will need to be parked in a guest space (guest spaces will become metered in the future). Please remember guest spaces are limited and available on a first come, first served basis.

What happens if I do not register my car(s) for a parking permit?

Your car may be ticketed, booted, or towed by Parking and Transportation. The cost of a ticket or towing will be an added personal expense. Unpaid tickets may also impact your ability to register your car through the DMV.

Why is the University going to charge Village residents for parking?

The money collected from parking fees will be used by Parking and Transportation to better monitor and upkeep the University Village grounds and improve the safety of Village residents.

We recognize that some residents have expressed concerns about security (such as vehicle breaks-ins). The revenue generated by parking fees will help fund increased safety and security measures at UVA – such as more patrolling of UVA parking areas to help enhance safety, and better upkeep of our parking areas. 

As a reminder, if you have experienced a vehicle break-in or theft, or if you witness suspicious behaviors in the parking area, please contact UCPD immediately.

Who do I contact if I have any parking-related questions or experience issues?

If you encounter any difficulties during the registration process or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated support team at We’re here to assist you.

This additional cost is creating a financial burden for me. What can I do?

For those concerned about costs related to housing (including parking), tuition, food, and other concerns, Our Financial Aid and Scholarships Office can help you determine options to cover costs, including adjustments for living expenses. 

UC Berkeley has several programs and campus resources available to help students finance the full Cost of Attendance, which includes tuition and fees, books, housing, food, and transportation. Please remember that students with actual rent expenses that exceed the standard Cost of Attendance are encouraged to contact Cal Student Central to discuss a Cost of Attendance Adjustment Request and additional aid options.

We are also working with the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office and the Graduate Division on exploring additional ways to increase aid and/or provide grants to students to help cover costs.

Why are UVA residents being charged for parking starting in 2024-25?

As always, we are committed to keeping costs as low as possible for our residents. However, our UVA parking is limited and costs for projects such as enhancing security continue to rise. Therefore, moving forward, the campus must implement fees for the UVA parking spaces. The revenue generated by parking fees will help fund increased safety and security measures at UVA – such as more patrolling of UVA parking areas to help enhance safety, and better upkeep of our parking areas.