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NEW Internet Protocol Television at University Village & Commonly Asked Questions

We are excited to announce that UC Berkeley has partnered with Comcast and IPTV (Internet-based Protocol TV) to replace our limited traditional cable service starting September 30th. IPTV allows you to stream thousands of On Demand shows and movies using your CalNet credentials.   

Getting started is easy: 

  1. Download XFINITY Stream app or visit
  2. Tap “Sign in here” for Xfinity On Campus students* (*this step is only required for Stream app)
  3. Enter your school in the search field.
  4. Log in using your school credentials, and start enjoying your favorite programming.

Commonly asked questions:

  • How do I watch?
  • How do I use IPTV on my TV?
  • How can I watch on my Smart TV?
    • You may also connect a laptop to your TV using the HDMI cable.
  • Can I connect more than one device simultaneously?
    • No, students can only connect one device at a time. If you watch a downloaded show, it doesn’t count as an active device.  
  • We have two UCB students in my household. Do we each get an Xfinity account?
    • No, only the primary student on lease will get an access.
  • I’m the primary student and want my family to be able to watch Xfinity when I’m not available to authenticate.
    • Roku devices save your authentication during initial setup and re-authentication is not needed.
  • My streaming cuts off regularly. What can I do?
    • Check your router: if your router is more than 2 yrs old, it may improve the streaming by replacing it. Also, if possible have your device close to the router. Wired connection provides the fastest internet speed.
    • Check the device you’re using: Make sure you have updated browsers and Flash drives
    • See how many devices are connected currently: Try to limit the number of devices connected to the internet
    • If you’re experiencing unusual slowness in streaming
      • Is the internet speed slow in doing other online activities? If yes, contact the Campus Student Technology Services. If the Xfinity streaming is the only only activity that is slow, then contact Xfinity technical Support
  • How do I get Xfinity technical support?
    • Students can reach out to Xfinity On Campus by logging into their Xfinity On Campus account and filling out a support ticket.