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University Village Staff

Tom Bilskemper, Grounds Supervisor

510.526.8505 Ext. 262

Tom Bilskemper

Hello! I am the UVA Landscape Supervisor. I was born and raised in Wisconsin. (Go Packers!) I moved to California in 1974 to attain a BS in ornamental horticulture from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. I have worked 40 plus years as a manager in the commercial landscape industry, including at Marine World Africa USA and Marriott Hotels. I am certified as a Bay Area Friendly Landscaper and with the State of California as a Qualified Pesticide Applicator. I am a member of Bay Area Landscape Supervisors Forum and Pesticide Applicators Professional Association. My job here is to ensure the safety of the environment in which you live and play, and to oversee that the grounds are maintained to ensure its health and longevity, using the industry's best practices. Say hello next time you observe me walking through the Village inspecting the landscape.

Wendy Ellison, Community Director for Family Services

510.526.8505 Ext. 249 |

Wendy Ellison

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Zenaida Hernandez, Village Clinical Social Worker

510.528.5391 |

Aura Lorena Robleto

As a social worker from the Tang Center, I am housed at the Village to be a resource for residents when they need extra support. I provide counseling, crisis intervention, and support, as well as community referrals for resources that residents need.

Joonie Kim, Administrative Operations Manager

510.526.8505 Ext. 222 |

Joonie Kim

Hello! I came to the Bay Area with my husband in 2003, started working at University Village as a Resident Advisor, and fell in love with the diverse community!  I now supervise administrative support for the front office, the residential program, and the recreation program, serving over 950 families here in the Village and the surrounding neighborhoods. Outside of my administrative duties, I am very lucky to be able to work with our international community, collaborating with the Berkeley International office and providing workshops and orientations to this incredibly interesting and fun group of people!  

Koko Mulder, Academic Center Coordinator

510.526.8505 Ext. 251 |

Koko Mulder

I am a Bay Area native, born in San Francisco and raised in the East Bay. I love working here at UC Berkeley, and really enjoy the variety of challenges present in my current position as Academic Programming Coordinator in Student-Family Housing. I graduated from UC Berkeley myself, with a degree in sociology, and as both a parent of two teens and as a former UC Berkeley student, I particularly appreciate the diversity of needs among our residents in Student-Family Housing.

Aura Lorena Robleto, Custodial Supervisor

510.526.8505 Ext. 215 |

Aura Lorena Robleto

I was born in Nicaragua, and came to the United States almost thirty years ago. I now have two college-age children of my own. I have worked for UC Berkeley for over twenty years, in Student-Family Housing. I really enjoy working with all our residents, their families, and our custodial staff from around the world, and being an integral part of this richly diverse community.

Jen Siecienski, Associate Director of Family Housing

510.542.3109 |

Aura Lorena Robleto

I really love working at Cal! I've worked in the field of residential student programs at UC Berkeley since 2007, first at the Clark Kerr Campus and now at UVA. I really enjoy and appreciate working with students and their families! I have also worked in Residence Life at Smith College, UC Santa Cruz, Lehigh University, and the University of Toledo. I love to spend time with my daughters, knit, bake, exercise and travel. I'm an avid Giants fan, and go to as many games as I can. Stop by my office – I love having visitors!

Michael Sanchez, Interim Recreation Director

510.524.4926 |

Aura Lorena Robleto

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Elissa Sato, Community Director

510.526.8505 Ext. 212 |

Aura Lorena Robleto

Hello! I'm a Cal graduate with a Ph.D. in Science and Mathematics Education. I'm originally from Tokyo, Japan. On the US side, I've lived in Hawai'i, California, and Massachusetts. I've enjoyed contributing to our incredibly unique community of residents as a Community Advisor, and look forward to doing more as the Community Director! Outside of academics, I spend my time geeking out about science/technology, and love plants, cooking, hiking, cycling, and traveling. Feel free to stop by and say hello — I love meeting new people!

Jonathan Winters, Maintenance Supervisor

510.526.8505 Ext. 214 |

Jonathan Winters

Hello, I am a bay area native, born and  raised on the peninsula and living some three decades in the east bay; with short stints in Oregon and Cape Town, South Africa. I'm a late Cal graduate (B.A. '12, History) and am inspired by our many returning and transfer students in family housing. I have 30 years experience in our department and in the rental housing industry. I have worked both in single student housing and family housing, charged with opening several new buildings for our department since 2004. I've served on several campus committees, including as chair of the Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Sustainability (CACS) and the Chancellor's Staff Advisory Committee (CSAC.) Although I often have to interface with residents in solving their maintenance problems, I appreciate the sense of community fostered here by our diverse, international community of scholars..


Front Office Admin Support

Lisa Hart

510.526.8505 Ext. 0 |

Lisa Hart

Originally from Alaska, I've lived most of my life in California in this beautiful San Francisco Bay Area, where I enjoy the mild climate, mixture of urban and natural environments, and cultural diversity. I've had the privilege to have worked for UC Berkeley since 2001, when I first started at the Phoebe Hearst Museum of Anthropology, where I was exposed to the amazing arts and cultures of the world's peoples! I now love working in Family Student Housing, where being on the "front lines" in the Village Office, I meet and assist many international students and their families, and again enjoy the richness and diversity of cultures and languages from all over the world!

Helen Horowitz

510.526.8505 Ext. 0 |

Helen Horowitz

I am a Bay Area native, born in Berkeley and raised in the East Bay with all the benefits of a multicultural environment. I have worked at UC Berkeley in the Village since 2008. I enjoy meeting new people and helping residents living here.  I enjoy traveling, literature, movies, knitting and cooking.

Community Advisors

CA 1 Dennis Best 

510.867.8631 | Neighborhood: Buildings 100-111

Aura Lorena Robleto

My family and I have enjoyed the Village and surrounding community for years. It’s a great place to be — close to the city, waterside spots, hills for hiking, space for BBQing, and so much more! I have been active in the village garden and look forward to more community events — come join the Running Bears if you want to break a sweat and break in your sneakers!

CA 2 Lera Ilginisova 

510.867.8632 | Neighborhood: Buildings 112-123

Aura Lorena Robleto

I was born and raised in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, but in 2012 moved to the United States with a desire to explore new horizons and discover new opportunities. At the moment I’m in the process of switching career paths from the transportation logistics industry to data analytics. As such, I am currently pursuing a Masters degree in data mining. I am hoping that being in the tech- and data-oriented Bay Area will help smooth the transition between careers. Meanwhile, I am a Community Advisor in the Village. In my spare time, I volunteer with the Reading Partners (a nonprofit organization where we help kids to unlock their reading skills) and INSPIRE (a network of relocated partners which is focused on personal and professional development).

CA 3 Anna Bowden 

510.867.8633 | Neighborhood: Buildings 124-134

Aura Lorena Robleto

Hi! I'm Anna, and I've lived in the East Village since October 2015. I'm looking forward to meeting new people through the job, and helping residents enjoy living here!

CA 4 Henri Jufry

510.867.8634 | Neighborhood: Buildings 135-139, 147-150

Aura Lorena Robleto

Hi there! My name is Henri Jufry. I have been living in the University Village with my family since November 2011. I really like living in the village due to its strategic location, facilities, and nice environment. My first acquaintance with international community was when I studied and worked in Australia. I enjoy being in a multicultural environment, and I hope we can make more fun activities during our time living in the Village.

CA 5 Ping Yao Lin 

Aura Lorena Robleto

Hello, my name is Ping, and I'm honored to have this opportunity to serve as one of the Community Advisors to bring this community together. With my international background, I also want to bring international families closer to the community through events. Let's all have a good time living in the Village.

CA 6 Angela Campos 

510.867.8649 | Neighborhood: Buildings 151-157

Aura Lorena Robleto

Hello everyone, my name is Angela and I am from Colombia. I enjoy hikes, literature, movies, and coffee. I am glad to be part of this team and look forward to meeting new villagers.

CA 7 Kathy Tomasic 

510.772.1636 | Neighborhood Buildings 158-163

Aura Lorena Robleto

Hi! I love living at the Village and have made some really nice friends here. My background is in education, both for adults and kids. I like camping with my two sons, playing cards with other families, and exploring the area.

CA 8 Emily Best 

510.867.9695 | Buildings 164-170

Aura Lorena Robleto

A Bay Area native, I have been living in the Village with my family since 2015. I have traveled extensively and can be found most often reading about, shopping for, and eating food.