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    General Announcement

  • The Village Office Will Be Closed During Thanksgiving

  • Please note that the Village Office will close at 3 pm on Wednesday, November 26, 2014. The office will be closed on November 27 and November 28 in observance of Thanksgiving Holidays. Happy Thanksgiving!


  • Updated Ebola Travel Protections

  • November 18, 2014
    Dear Campus Community,
    This message contains important updates regarding CDC and University of California procedures for those who may be travelling to Liberia, Guinea, or Sierra Leone for humanitarian aid or other personal reasons over the upcoming holiday break, highlighting three critical precautions:
    1) Notify campus of travel
    2) Register with travel insurance
    3) Plan for 21-day active monitoring and potential self-quarantine upon return

    Stay updated about current campus guidance on the UHS Ebola page. For additional timely updates, we encourage you to visit the CDC Ebola page or call CA Department of Public Health Ebola hotline at (855)-421-5921 (open Monday-Friday 8am-5pm).

    The Berkeley campus has a long-standing tradition of public service, research, teaching and education abroad, and members of our campus community are currently contributing to efforts overseas to halt the Ebola epidemic in West Africa. There are some members of our campus community who are more personally affected by this outbreak, by virtue of having friends, family, or their former home in Ebola-affected countries.

    PLEASE BE AWARE THE CDC CURRENTLY HAS A LEVEL 3 TRAVEL ADVISORY AGAINST ALL NON-ESSENTIAL TRAVEL TO LIBERIA, GUINEA, OR SIERRA LEONE. For anyone who must travel to these ebola-affected countries, you must adhere to the following precautions:

    1) Notify your Department and University Health Services (UHS) if you intend to travel to Liberia, Guinea, or Sierra Leone for any reason over the winter holiday break. Contact UHS at (510) 642-1814 and request to speak to a travel advisor for Ebola-affected countries. The UHS travel advisor will review your pre-trip preparations, precautions to take during travel, and expected return to campus procedures.

    2) Register your travel with UCís travel insurance plan. All travel to Liberia, Guinea, or Sierra Leone must be registered with the University. Trip registration provides the traveler with important location-specific travel alerts and assistance from WorldCue/iJet regarding medical care, health advisories, extreme weather or storms, natural disasters, or civil unrest. Registering your trip also allows the University and its travel insurer to assist you more quickly in the event of an emergency. Register your trip here

    3) Plan for a 21-Day Active Monitoring period and a potential supervised self-quarantine upon your return to the Bay Area. The CDC, in collaboration with state and local public health authorities, is now screening all travelers returning from these countries, and is imposing 21-day Active Monitoring by public health officials for all travelers. Upon your return to campus, plan for a 21-day monitoring period including a twice-daily temperature and symptom check supervised by the local Public Health department. In healthcare workers or others at higher risk, extra restrictions may be imposed.

    CDC has created guidance for monitoring people exposed to Ebola virus and for evaluating their travel, including the application of movement restrictions when indicated. UC has applied these guidelines in creating a protocol covering pre-travel preparation, guidance while in Ebola-risk areas and re-entry protocol. See UC Re-Entry Protocol and Recommendations for Humanitarian Aid Workers.

    Other Important Pre-Trip Planning Resources:

    UC Berkeley International Travel Clinic-
    UC Berkeley EH&S Field Safety Guidance-
    U.S. State Department-
    Centers for Disease Control-
    CDC Ebola page-
    WorldCue/iJet Pre-Trip Planning Tool

    Brad Buchman M.D., M.B.A.
    Medical Director, University Health Services


  • Attention Cyclists: Obey the "Stop" sign

  • CA state Law requires that bicycle riders to obey the same rules as vehicle drivers. Obey all signs, street markings and signals. This means YOU MUST STOP AT THE STOP SIGNS.


  • Homework Club VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!

  • The Homework Club is a FREE after-school program for Village Residents, which helps children in grades 3-8 with their homework. This is a VOLUNTEER RUN PROGRAM, so we need your help!

    Homework Club Hours:
    Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays: 3--5:30pm
    Wednesdays: 2--5:30pm

    Please email


  • Donít Take The Flu Home With You For Thanksgiving

  • Please help The Tang Center spread the word about the upcoming flu clinics which are open to all members of the campus and community ( adults only). Please distribute/post the attached flyer to your building occupants. Remember that the flu shot is indicated for persons age 6 months and older and is especially important for pregnant women.

    This year we are offering a Quadravalent vaccine .The quadrivalent flu vaccine is designed to protect against four different flu viruses; two influenza A viruses and two influenza B viruses. The vaccine is preservative free.

    For students with Berkeley SHIP, the vaccine is covered at 100%. All others $30. For questions please contact the UHS Advice nurse at 510-643-7197.

    Link to Flu Shot Flyer/Dates


  • Warning about Subleasing in University Village

  • Subleasing in University Village

    Subleasing is renting to unauthorized tenants not listed on your rental agreement as confirmed family members. Subleasing is prohibited by your rental agreement and is a serious violation which could result in a 3-day notice to quit. Please note that your rental agreement allows for prior approval by Cal Housing, to eligible families, only during summer months.

    Unauthorized subleasing can cause problems for neighbors, maintenance, and the overall peace and quiet of the community. Please understand the risk involved, in being fully responsible for the conduct of your subtenants, while violating your rental agreement with the University. Tenants subleasing without authority will be served with a termination notice which will affect their University affiliation or student status, and lose their housing rights.

    If you have questions about the sublease policy, please contact Cal Housing at, or call (510) 642-4109.

    Cephas John
    Leasing Officer

    Click here for Chinese translation
    Click here for Korean translation


  • Minors in the Academic Center and Study Rooms

  • In University Village Student-Family Housing, we love children!
    There are many programs, recreational areas, and events just for our kids here in University Village. But please remember, our academic areas are not for our minor residents.

    Children under the age of 18 are not permitted in the East Village or West Village Study Rooms, or in the Village Academic Center. This is both for their safety, as there is no staff supervision, and to maintain an atmosphere conducive to our academic purpose. As it is also the written policy of our department, this rule cannot be "waived" by a parent giving their child permission to use the centers. If you have any questions regarding this or other Academic Program policies, please contact


  • Safety Reminder

  • We recommend you to:
      - Lock your doors at all times. Use the dead bolt lock on your entrance door.
      - Shut and secure windows when you're not home or sleeping
      - Do not leave valuables in your car
      - Lock and roll up your car windows


  • Protect your belongings left outside of your apartment

  • Residents have reported items being stolen from just outside of their apartment doors. These items include shoes, mail packages, bikes, etc. Please protect your belongings by not leaving items outside of your apartments. If needed, contact your mail carriers and give instructions not to leave packages outside.

    If you witness any suspicious activities, call UCPD immedately. (911 from your land line, and 642-333 from your cell phone)


  • RESIDENT ADVISOR ON DUTY phone number is 224-8298

  • Just a reminder that residents do not need to know which Resident Advisor is on duty.

    You can simply call the RA On Duty phone # which is always 224-8298.


    Program & Event Announcement

  • Attention New Parents! (10am, 12/1)

  • New Parents Meeting
    Time: 10:00 am-11:00 am
    Village Community Center Four Corners Room
    Topics: WIC program and public health resources for new parents
    Light snacks will be provided

    For more information, please contact RA Kunsong by or 510-867-8635


  • The last English Conversation Club for this year will be 11/20

  • The session will resume on January 8th.


  • For On-Going Events and Groups:
    Go to Village Calendar of Events

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