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Village Announcements (October 23, 2014)



    General Announcement

  • Work-Study Student Job available in the Village

  • Workstudy Job number: 2811243168

    We need students who can work Tuesdays and Thursdays anytime between 8am and 5pm.


  • Maintenance Announcements (Exterior Painting and Apartment Inspections)
  • Homework Club VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!

  • The Homework Club is a FREE after-school program for Village Residents, which helps children in grades 3-8 with their homework. This is a VOLUNTEER RUN PROGRAM, so we need your help!

    Homework Club Hours:
    Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays: 3--5:30pm
    Wednesdays: 2--5:30pm

    Please email


  • Flu Clinic at Tang
  • Warning about Subleasing in University Village

  • Subleasing in University Village

    Subleasing is renting to unauthorized tenants not listed on your rental agreement as confirmed family members. Subleasing is prohibited by your rental agreement and is a serious violation which could result in a 3-day notice to quit. Please note that your rental agreement allows for prior approval by Cal Housing, to eligible families, only during summer months.

    Unauthorized subleasing can cause problems for neighbors, maintenance, and the overall peace and quiet of the community. Please understand the risk involved, in being fully responsible for the conduct of your subtenants, while violating your rental agreement with the University. Tenants subleasing without authority will be served with a termination notice which will affect their University affiliation or student status, and lose their housing rights.

    If you have questions about the sublease policy, please contact Cal Housing at, or call (510) 642-4019.

    Cephas John
    Leasing Officer

    Click here for Chinese translation
    Click here for Korean translation


  • Academic Center Update (10/24/14)

  • On Friday, Oct 24th: The main area of the Academic Center will be closed to users from 5pm - 10pm (as it is reserved for an event). Regular users are still welcome to use the East Room facilities.

    Thank you!


  • Minors in the Academic Center and Study Rooms

  • In University Village Student-Family Housing, we love children!
    There are many programs, recreational areas, and events just for our kids here in University Village. But please remember, our academic areas are not for our minor residents.

    Children under the age of 18 are not permitted in the East Village or West Village Study Rooms, or in the Village Academic Center. This is both for their safety, as there is no staff supervision, and to maintain an atmosphere conducive to our academic purpose. As it is also the written policy of our department, this rule cannot be "waived" by a parent giving their child permission to use the centers. If you have any questions regarding this or other Academic Program policies, please contact


  • Safety Reminder

  • We recommend you to:
      - Lock your doors at all times. Use the dead bolt lock on your entrance door.
      - Shut and secure windows when you're not home or sleeping
      - Do not leave valuables in your car
      - Lock and roll up your car windows


  • Protect your belongings left outside of your apartment

  • Residents have reported items being stolen from just outside of their apartment doors. These items include shoes, mail packages, bikes, etc. Please protect your belongings by not leaving items outside of your apartments. If needed, contact your mail carriers and give instructions not to leave packages outside.

    If you witness any suspicious activities, call UCPD immedately. (911 from your land line, and 642-333 from your cell phone)


  • RESIDENT ADVISOR ON DUTY phone number is 224-8298

  • Just a reminder that residents do not need to know which Resident Advisor is on duty.

    You can simply call the RA On Duty phone # which is always 224-8298.


    Program & Event Announcement

  • Family Friday (6:45pm, 10/24)

  • Movie: TBD
    Four Corners Room, Community Center
    $1 per pizza slice
    Free water, popcorn, fruit

    Movie starts at 7pm, food will be available at 6:45pm


  • Village Pumpkin Sale (10/25)

  • Village Pumpkin Sale
    Date: 10/25, Saturday
    Time: 2-5pm
    Location: Village Plaza

    Click here for more information!


  • Kids' Fall Gardening Workshop (10am-2pm, 10/25)
  • Book, Toy and Costume Swap (2-4pm, 10/26)
  • Nature Village Volunteer Opportunity

  • Nature Village is a multidisciplinary group integrated by University Village Residents, UC Berkeley students, Staff, Campus sustainability groups, and Volunteers that work together with the overarching goal of promoting sustainable living practices at the University Village.

    We would like you to be part of the team. All level of participation is welcomed! If you are interested in waste management, energy saving, education and outreach, this is the right opportunity for you!

    As a volunteer, you will
    Get FREE Fitness Membership at UVA;
    Meet new friends and expand your network;
    Obtain more knowledge and experience to build your resume.
    Join us, use your skills, learn more, and have fun being helpful in your own community!

    Contact Nature Village Director Kun:

    For more info, click here.


  • Nature Village Green Family Ambassador Program

  • Interested in learning more about the environment?
    Want to help your very own village decrease its ecological footprint?
    Click here for more info.

    Register at:


  • Bike Ride to Point Isabel (11/2/14)

  • Join Nature Village for a leisure ride to Point Isabel and back on Nov.2, 2014. Click here for more information.


  • VSM English Conversation at the University Village

  • VSM English Conversation at the University Village will continue, with a slight change in format. We will now have conversations in small groups for more flexibility and to accommodate more people. If you are interested, please drop by. You don't have to sign up.

    When: Each Thursday, 7:30-8:30pm
    Where: Four Corners Room in the Community Center


  • EVENING Pepper Spray Workshop (11/5) (Open for registration!)

  • FREE, 1-hour workshop (provided by UCPD)- Participants will be introduced to community safety services available, learn of potential safety threats within the campus community & useful strategies for avoiding certain situations, as well as participate in a role-play drill to practice engaging in the act of using pepper spray, while also practicing proper response techniques before & after one is faced with a threatening situation.

    Pepper Spray Workshop #2
    Tuesday, Nov 4, 2014
    @ 12:15pm

    NEW: Pepper Spray Workshop #3
    Wednesday, Nov 5, 2014
    @ 6pm

    To SIGN-UP for a workshop, go to:

    Questions? Email


  • R.A.D. (Rape Aggression Defense) Class for Women

  • R.A.D. (Rape Aggression Defense) for Women Participants must attend all 3 classes. A $20 holding fee is required with registration, which will be fully refunded to the participant on the last day of class ONLY IF the participant attended all 3 classes in their entirety. No partial refunds given.
    Session I
    November 20 -- 22, 2014
    1--4pm (Thurs & Fri)
    10:30am--1:30pm (Sat)
    University Village Community Center

    Learn how to increase awareness and assertiveness skills. Develop physical techniques designed for women's specific needs and assets.
    LIMITED SPACE!!! The R.A.D. System is a 9-12 hour comprehensive, women-only course that begins with risk awareness and progresses to the basics of hands-on defense training. Please wear comfortable clothing and athletic shoes. Bring a pen for taking notes, a towel, water and food for yourself.

    PRE-REGISTRATION: Go to to request registration forms and reserve a spot in the class!

    Questions? Email


  • Attention! Job/Volunteer Work Seekers! Sign up for upcoming workshop on: CLARIFYING YOUR SKILLS AND ABILITIES

  • When: Wednesday, October 29, 10:30-12:30
    Where: Four Corners Room, University Village Community Center
    Cost: $25

    Do you know what your “transferrable” skills are? Are you able to talk about your experience and show your strengths to a potential employer? Knowing your skills and talking about them with self-confidence is important for networking, writing resumes and interviewing for a paid or volunteer job. In this workshop, we will:

      • Discuss the 3 types of skills
      • Identify your transferrable skills
      • Learn how to discuss your strengths and accomplishments

    This workshop will be fun and interactive. You will leave the workshop feeling more confident in your ability to talk about and “sell” yourself.

    Questions? email

    Yvonne Lefort, MA
    Career Coach/Intercultural Trainer
    (925) 631-9041


  • Meet and greet the new Albany City Council member

  • I am Peggy McQuaid and I have been appointed to the Albany City Council effective December 8, 2014.

    I am hosting a "meet and greet" on Monday, October 27 to discuss with Albany residents their interests and concerns. This is an opportunity for me to meet and share ideas with residents and for them to learn about me and my goals as an incoming City Council member You are invited to this event which will be held in the Edith Stone room at the Albany Community Center from 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. Please feel free to share this invitation with others in Albany.

    During this election season, there were only 3 candidates for 3 City Council seats which allowed the current City Council to cancel the election and appoint the 3 candidates. Rochelle Nason and I will serve for 4 years and Nick Pilch will have a 2 year term. I didn’t have the opportunity to meet with residents and hear their ideas and questions during a traditional campaign. It is my hope this event will enable us to begin a dialog on issues that are important in Albany.

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at


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