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Village Announcements (July 30, 2015)



    General Announcement

  • Village Office Extended Summer Office Hour Starts 6/1

  • Summer Hours June 1 - September 5

    Monday: 8:00AM - 5:00PM

    Tuesday: 8:00AM - 5:00PM

    Wednesday: 8:00AM - 5:00PM

    Thursday: 8:00AM - 5:00PM

    Fridayy: 8:00AM - 5:00PM

    Saturday: 9:00AM - 1:00PM

    Sunday: CLOSED


  • Water Conservation Measures @ UVA

  • Residents are no doubt aware that California is in its fourth year of a severe drought. Water supplies are limited and water waste is heavily scrutinized. Water districts are enacting heavy surcharges and even fines on excess use, and the state has mandated use reductions of 25%. The Village is doing its part by reducing irrigation of lawn and other planted areas. We are also changing out toilets to extremely low-flow units, and changing aerators at lavatory sinks to a 0.5gpm flow rate and shower heads to a 1.5gpm flow rate. In the fall, when we resume our semi-annual inspection routines, we are considering changing the aerators in currently-occupied units. Please assist us by not removing these devices, not purchasing or installing non-standard showerheads with a higher flow rate, and reporting any plumbing fixture that is leaking or continuing to run. The other major action apartment residents can take is to shorten shower times (aim for about 5 minutes or less) and reduce the fill level when drawing a bath (1/4 to 1/3 full, rather than ˝.) Reducing shower and bath times also reduces the amount of ambient moisture in the apartment, which can reduce the chance of fostering mold growth. Other suggestions on water conservation can be found at and through our local


  • Exterior Painting Continues at 118, 119, & 120

  • Painters were actually delayed in finishing up the jobs at these buildings and will now continue through the month of July. Building 120 is closest to completion, though work will only begin soon at 118 & 119. Thanks to residents for their cooperation in moving items off of decks and patios, moving cars.


  • Landscape/Drainage Improvements Continue

  • Work is continuing at edges of West Village buildings, to tie in building downspouts to storm drain catch basins. This assists with moving rain water--when we get it--away from building edges & foundation concrete pads, so water does not 'pool' close to the building. Notices for this work have been posted near the pathways where it is occuring.


  • Parking Spaces Blocked for Transformer Work

  • Parking spaces near Building 165 may be posted 'No Parking' or blocked due to work on the nearby transformer, in preparation for the PV solar installation coming later in the season. Please observe any barricades and signage regarding any temporary No Parking designation. .


  • "Airbnb" is a violation of your rental agreement

  • Please be advised that serving as an Airbnb host in your University Village apartment results in several violations of your rental agreement. As a consequence, you will be served with a 3-day notice under California law. These violations include:

    • Use of apartment only to family members and approved occupants

    • Sublease only to eligible UC families during the summer and by prior approval

    • Business practices are prohibited in leased premises like University Village

    Additionally, there may be rental violations like noise, damages, and nuisance for neighbors. To protect your tenancy and safeguard the Village community, we strongly advise you to comply with your rental agreement.

    For more information please contact Cephas John at:


  • BBQ Etiquette

  • With BBQ grills being fired up across the Village to celebrate the end of the semester and the beginning of summer, we'd like to remind you of the following policies to ensure that you can enjoy grilling without violating any policies or distressing your neighbors:

    -No open-flame grills are permitted on patios, balconies, or within 25 feet of our buildings. Charcoal grills are considered open-flame grills.

    -Propane grill use is not allowed in the Village. Unused propane grills may be stored without the propane tank. Propane cannot be stored in Village apartments.

    -Electric grilling surfaces (including hot plates) are allowed on the patio and balconies, but please be mindful of fumes and smoke that may distress neighbors with respiratory sensitivity and violate our health and safety policy. In the event of a complaint, you may be asked by Village staff to move the grill 25 feet away. We recommend using electric grills indoors with the oven vent.

    -Grills must be attended by an adult at all times due to the presence of small children.

    -Please dispose of hot coal responsibly by waiting until it cools and using the coal disposal boxes near public grilling areas.

    -Please clean up responsibly if you use a public grilling area. Excessive trash requiring clean-up work by staff will result in a service charge.


  • SHIP Announces New Dependent Transition Resources

  • In April, families were notified that University Health Services would no longer be offering voluntary plans, including dependent plans, for SHIP 2015-16. Learn more about the decision to end the voluntary plans in our Daily Cal Op-Ed.

    UHS is now offering two new resources to help ease the transition: see web page here for full details.
    Free Student Insurance Helpline: free service helps families explore their options in on the federal and state exchanges, as well as private insurance options.

    New! Transition Assistance Fund: one-time funding for students of currently enrolled dependents who qualify to help transition to non-SHIP plans

    New! Onsite individualized help through the SHIP office: individualized administrative assistance and resources right on campus, in addition to the free Helpline service provided by the broker.


  • After Hours Emergency Maintenance Request Guide

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  • Safety Reminder

  • We recommend you to:
      - Lock your doors at all times. Use the dead bolt lock on your entrance door.
      - Shut and secure windows when you're not home or sleeping
      - Do not leave valuables in your car
      - Lock and roll up your car windows


  • Protect your belongings left outside of your apartment

  • Residents have reported items being stolen from just outside of their apartment doors. These items include shoes, mail packages, bikes, etc. Please protect your belongings by not leaving items outside of your apartments. If needed, contact your mail carriers and give instructions not to leave packages outside.

    If you witness any suspicious activities, call UCPD immedately. (911 from your land line, and 642-3333 from your cell phone)


  • RESIDENT ADVISOR ON DUTY phone number is 224-8298

  • Just a reminder that residents do not need to know which Resident Advisor is on duty.

    You can simply call the RA On Duty phone # which is always 224-8298.


    Program & Event Announcement


  • Ice Cream Social THIS Saturday (8/1)

  • When: August 1st from 1-3pm

    Where: Village Playground

    Music, hula hoops, bubbles, and more!

    Bring your own bowl and spoon to get an extra scoop!

    None of the flavors have nuts and dairy-free sorbet will be available!


  • Nature Village is looking for a new Director!

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  • Are you a student with Work Study looking for work in the Village?

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    Simply by completing this quick, six-question survey, you will be entered in a drawing on July 17th.

    Prizes - five Target Gift cards for $40 each, and five for $75!

    University Village Academic Programs will be using this information to design better, more customized support for you in your studies. Plus, every respondent will automatically receive a coupon good for a free slice of pizza at our Family Friday events!

    Just go to and do remember to include your email address where prompted, so you can be entered in the prize drawing.

    Good luck!



  • Session II (Ages 8-12) August 3 - 7, 2015 1 - 4 pm (Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri) Community Center, Gym

    Session III (Ages 5-7) August 17 - 21, 2015 1 - 4 pm (Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri) Community Center, Gym

    Cost: FREE!!! Priority Registration given to University Village Residents and UCB Staff/Affiliates

    radKIDS, Personal Empowerment & Safety Education program radKIDS®, Inc. is the national leader in children's safety; strengthens family, encourages physical fitness, teaches realistic physical skills and core safety values to live by through its program. The radKIDS curriculum is a fun, activity-based program including lectures, safety drills, physical skills to resist or stop violence or harm, and dynamic simulation Visit for more information.

    Sign-Up: To request a registration packet, email OR go to the Village Front Office to pick up a registration packet.


  • Academic Center Summer 2015 Hours

  • Monday - Friday: 12PM - 8PM

    Saturday: CLOSED

    Sunday: 12PM - 8PM

    *Hours scheduled to change without notice

    *CLOSED on Academic and Administrative Holidays


  • Sing Along Every Tuesday and Thursday

  • August 4th: 10:30am

    August 6th: 4:00pm

    August 11th: 10:30am

    August 13th: 4:00pm

    August 18th: 10:30am

    August 25th: 10:30am

    August 27th: 4:00pm



  • UCPD at UVA!

  • UCPD at UVA!

    Visit the new Facebook page to learn more about the UC Police Department sub-station located in University Village, and "like" us at:


  • TEENS: Nacho WEDNESDAYS! (4:30-6pm, Wednesdays)

    For Village Resident Teens: Ages 13-17

    Stop by between 4:30--6pm
    Every Wednesday!
    Community Center, University Village


  • For On-Going Events and Groups:
    Go to Village Calendar of Events

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