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  • Tips for Avoiding and Controlling Mold at Home

  • For information on avoiding and controlling mold, please click here.


  • Guest Spaces & Unmarked Spaces - 72 Hour Limit

  • 72 hour limit for parking in all guest and unmarked spaces. If a car is in one of these spaces for more than 72 hours, they may get ticketed or towed.


  • East Village Lighting Replacement Project

  • This week, work begins to replace the exterior lighting fixtures on East Village buildings. These 'eyelid' shaped fixtures are sun-scorched, color-faded and the lenses melted or broken on a number of them due to the high-wattage HID bulbs used on a number of the round fixtures.

    The replacement fixtures are LED-style and will account for critical energy-savings as well as improvements to lighting quality along the building exteriors.

    Crews contracted by us will be replacing the fixtures starting at Building 100, and working their way up. Most of these fixtures are near sidewalks at the front or rear of the buildings and should not require us to enter patio or balcony areas for access.


  • Exterior Painting Continues - Bldgs 121, 122, 123

  • Painting progress continues at Buildings 121, 122, 123. Please continue to observe parking restrictions near these buildings, especially in 'Guest' Spaces. Notice all signage of any changed status for a space.


  • Fire Safety Reminder

  • Please follow these fire prevention guidelines:

    - Do not tamper with, cover or attempt to remove fire alarms or smoke detectors. Call Village Office for repairs.
    - Do not park gas-powered vehicles in or around apartment buildings, i.e. mopeds.
    - Avoid storing flammables (including brooms, mops and rags) near water heaters and room heaters.
    - Do not block access to water heater closets or fire extinguishers.
    - Do not block access to balconies, stairs, exits or fire escapes.
    - Storage or use of ammunition, kerosene, gasoline, naphtha, benzene, propane, or other flammable or explosive materials is STRICTLY PROHIBITED in your apartment or any common area. Do not leave charcoal lighter fluid outside.
    - Do not use aluminum foil or plastic wrap on water heaters, stove tops, hood fans over stoves or walls.
    - Do not leave your apartment with food cooking on the stove or heaters/appliances turned on.
    - Do not use extension cords longer than eight feet. Extension cords must not be placed under rugs or in places where someone may trip over them.
    - Do not use portable electric heaters in the bathrooms. All electric heaters, heat lamps and sun lamps must be placed away from combustibles and in places where they will not start a fire if they are knocked over.


  • Trash Policy Reminder

  • Dear Residents,

    There have been complaints of trash being left in and around the areas of building. Please remember that this is against our policies for several reasons:

    1. It is a violation of the state fire code to store anything in exterior pathways.
    If there is a fire, any obstructions in the hallway/path may prevent your family from evacuating safely.
    2. Storing things outside attracts pests into apartments. Food/trash is especially appealing to pests, including raccoons, birds, rats, ants, and other insects.
    3. Leaking trash bags stain the concrete, leaving unsightly marks.
    4. All the neighbors may not be comfortable with exterior storage.

    It is Village policy that residents who leave their trash outside will incur a removal fee. The fee is $49/hour with a minimum of an hour charged. This fee will cover removal of trash as well as cleaning the concrete. Please help keep the trash enclosure clean and keep the rats away by placing the trash, compost, and recyclables inside appropriate bins and not on the ground.


    Positions Available

    Village Events

  • Student Parent Center in the Village on Mondays

  • For more information, please click here.


  • FREE Voter Registration (10/3, 4-8pm)

  • Have you registered to vote in the presidential election yet?

    If not, drop in to the Four Corners room on Monday, October 3, between 4-8pm, where the Alameda County Registrar of Voters will help you register for free!

    No need to RSVP - just drop in any time!


  • INSPIRE Event: Botanical Garden (10/5, 1-4pm)

  • Join us for a free visit to the beautiful UC Berkeley Botanical Gardens on Wednesday, October 5th. We will explore the plants and flowers from all over the world and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the garden. Don't forget to bring a sandwich or a snack with you, as we might make a pit-stop at one of the numerous benches or lawns to grab a bite and indulge in the sunshine.

    WHEN: Wednesday Oct.5th, 1pm-4pm
    WHERE: UC Berkeley Botanical Garden
    HOW TO GET THERE: We will organize carpooling from the UC Village. If you are not going to be in the UC Village there is an option to take a Shuttle from UC Berkeley campus (Evans Hall: Hearst Mining Circle Side, H Line, fee is $1)


  • Toastmasters Public Speaking Workshops (9/27, 6-8pm)

  • Are you looking to:
    •Improve your speaking and leadership skills?
    •Boost your career?
    •Be brilliant during a conversation?
    •Win a job interview?


    WHERE: UC Village Community Center, Cafe Room (1123 Jackson St, Albany, CA 94706)

    WHEN: 6-8pm on: Sept. 27th

    HOW: To Register write to
    OR sign up here:

    All the materials, plus light refreshments, are provided!

    Organized by The University Village and INSPIRE


  • International Spouse and Partner Welcome Reception (9/29,10am-12pm)

  • The welcome reception will be a great way for you to meet new friends & learn about campus and community resources.

    When: Thursday, September 29, 2016
    Where: The Centre at the YWCA, 2600 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94704
    Time: 10am-12pm

    During this event, you will be able to speak with campus groups and learn more about J-2 work authorization as well as programs and resources offered at University Village and within the community.

    Light snacks and refreshments will be served throughout the morning.

    RSVP at


    Campus and Community Announcements

  • Construction on Monroe & San Pablo

  • City of Albany Construction--Monroe Street & San Pablo Avenue

    Construction continues apace along Monroe Street. For vehicles and bicycles, it is still generally recommended to avoid Monroe Street.

    This week begins demolition & reconstruction of sidewalks and curbs along San Pablo Avenue and Monroe Street. The sidewalk will be widened to accommodate a bike path & pedestrian walkway along San Pablo Avenue.

    Sidewalks on the south side of Monroe are blocked beyond 10th Street during this period, and the preferred route is on the north side of the street. Alternatively, the only route is the long way around via Harrison or Buchanan, to reach San Pablo Avenue.

    If you attempt to walk in the street in the construction zone, it is possible you could be cited. If you are walking through along the north sidewalk, please exercise caution during construction hours, as there is a lot of machinery, truck traffic and activity!

    There will be a point at which the stoplight/signals are moved. Please pay attention to changes in the signal operation if you are driving, cycling or walking along the area.

    The new pavement between San Pablo & 10th Street is nicely smooth and a big improvement over previously deteriorated conditions. The temptation is there to speed through the area, due to this improvement. Please remember that the speed limit is 15 MPH throughout the entire University Village property.


    Program Announcements and Registration Information

  • Updated Recreation Class Schedules

  • There will be several changes to the Adult Recreation schedule including the reopened Adult on Aerial class on Sundays and updated weekly schedule for all activities.

    Please visit for the full schedule.


  • Free Kids' Paper Mache Class (9/29 & 10/6, 4-5:15pm)

  • Make your own Monsters! "Natti Laudon: Sculpting with Paper Mache" is hosting a free 2-part Trial Class on Thursdays: September 29 and October 6 form 4:00pm-5:15pm. Learn how to sculpt with paper mache, then paint them! Space is limited, to register please email: 2nd grade and up! $5 donation for materials is encouraged. Check out the flyer at:






  • For On-Going Events and Groups:
    Go to Village Calendar of Events

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