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Village Announcements (April 17, 2014)


  • Peer Advising Drop In Hours in the Village!
  • Sexual Assault Awareness Month Events (4/17 & 4/23)

  • -- Take Back the Night event (4/17, 4:45pm): This event is to raise awareness and break the silence around sexual violence through art, music, and open storytelling.

    For more info, go to:

    -- National Denim Day (4/23): Wear denim to show your solidarity for survivors of sexual assault.

    For more info, go to:


  • East Village Exterior Painting: Bldgs 111 & 108

  • Exterior painting work has completed (but for a few details) at building 109 and now has begun at building 111. This will have impact on the pathway towards Ocean View school; please be careful when walking through the affected work areas. By late next week or into May, painters will also begin work at building 108. We expect to wrap this work prior to start of final exams.

    Power washing work is complete at all but building 108. Other preparation includes spraying of paint/primer for the color coating, so windows will need to be closed during this time. If you leave for the day, please close your windows. Contractors will work on high-lifts, ladders and scaffolds and may be able to see into rooms, so please do take precautions to protect your privacy.

    At these buildings parking should not be affected and parking restrictions at building 109 will be removed.

    If you will be out of town during this work, please make sure a trusted neighbor will have access to keys for moving any cars that may block equipment.

    As always, please respect the work done on building exteriors. For example, do not let children use 'sidewalk chalk', which can stain painted surfaces, to draw on the buildings. (This is of course also applicable to buildings that have not yet been painted.)


  • Semi-Annual Apartment Inspections continue

  • We are nearly halfway through our semi-annual apartment inspections. This round we will change furnace filters, check or replace fire extinguishers, as well as perform general inspections in East and West apartments.

    Please move any items that might be blocking locked utility closets, the furnace cold air return grille or the floor area in front of it (in the main hallway or Living Room.)

    The inspection will take from 10- 20 minutes and a completion notice should be left if you are not present.

    This is generally not a service to solicit requests for maintenance service. You should not wait to submit such requests. You may always notify us of repair and maintenance items by calling the front desk or inputting requests via By doing so you give us permission to enter at a later time.


  • Safety Updates

  • Dear Village Residents,

    The Village Resident Association hosted a safety forum in March. Based on the suggestions from that meeting, I have a few updates on our safety efforts.

    1. We now have free neighborhood watch window clings in the Village Office. You can put one on a window in your apartment to let people know that you will report crime to UCPD.

    2. On Wednesday, April 17 at 6pm in the Crossroads room, UCPD will be hosting an "Active Shooter" training. The training is designed to help you strategize how to maximize your safety in the presence of a gun. Please register for this training here:

    The training is also offered online, and can be viewed before the training to help prepare. Here's the link with directions for accessing the "Shots Fired" online training:
    It's accessed via bSpace with a CalNet ID under the heading UCPD Safety Resources.

    3. On Saturday, April 26, we are hosting an all day "Spring Into Safety" Fair with UCPD and Safe Kids International. We will be heavily advertising closer to the event.

    4. UCPD and UVA will be offering Pepper Spray Workshops on May 7 at 9:30 am and May 15 at 6pm. Separate emails with registration information will be coming soon.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at Please do not reply directly to this email!


    Jen Siecienski Assistant Director for Family Housing


  • Spring into Back-up Care

  • The Homework Club is a FREE after-school program for Village Residents, which helps children in grades 3-8 with their homework. This is a VOLUNTEER RUN PROGRAM, so we need your help!

    Homework Club Hours:
    3pm - 5:30pm on Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays
    2pm - 5:30pm on Wednesdays

    Please email Wendy Ellison at


  • Monthly Raffle for the Village Habitot Museum Pass

  • Sign up for the Habitot Museum Passes!!

    The passes are valid until the end of June, so the raffle winners can schedule their visit at their own convenience. Each pass can only be used once.

    Sign up for the Raffle here by the end of the month. (Residents will need to sign up separately every month to enter in subsequent months.)


  • UC Berkeley is now a Tobacco-Free campus

  • Reminder:

    Effective January 1, 2014, smoking is prohibited everywhere in University Village Apartments, including inside all East and West Village apartments. Residents will be responsible for ensuring that their family, other occupants, and guests comply with the smoke-free policy. Failure to comply with this smoking prohibition will result in forfeiture of right to occupancy of these premises.

    The University Health Services offers smoking cessation resources for students, faculty, staff and family members including:

    ?FREE Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) two-week starter pack. Call the NRT message line at 642-8410.
    ?One-on-one cessation assistance to develop a quit plan; free quit kits.
    ?Resources to evidence-based quit resources, including free apps, text messaging, online programs, and the California Smokers' Helpline (1-800-NO-BUTTS).


  • New Food Assistance Program for Students
  • Moving Out Guide

  • Are you moving out soon and have questions about how to dispose your items? Nature Village has organized Moving Out Guide to help you!

    A couple of other important reminders:

    Mail and Forwarding Address Before you move, please provide the Village Office (and Bear Facts) with a forwarding address (your new address, even if it is in another country), to ensure proper receipt of your security deposit.

    Also, submit a change of address form to the US Postal Service (Post Office or to let them know the date they should discontinue your mail delivery. Note that once you move out we are not allowed to let you back into your old mailbox to check mail.

    After-Hours Key Return The Village Office must receive your keys on your move-out date or no later than 6:00am the following day, or you will be charged an additional day of rent.

    If you cannot return your keys before closing at 5:00pm on weekdays, or by 1:00pm on Saturdays, you may drop them through the front door slot of the Village Office in order for us to receive them by the next morning. Please put them in a sealed envelope marked with your building and apartment number, the student's name and phone number, and the number of keys your are returning.

    A $50 lock change fee will be charged, if we do not receive all keys in your possession (including spare keys you have purchased) by 6:00am on the day after your move-out date.

    If you are counting on a friend to return your keys for you, please inform them of the above policies to avoid these additional charges against your security deposit.


  • RESIDENT ADVISOR ON DUTY phone number is 224-8298

  • Just a reminder that residents do not need to know which Resident Advisor is on duty.

    You can simply call the RA On Duty phone # which is always 224-8298.


  • For On-Going Events and Groups:
    Go to Village Calendar of Events

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