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  • Message from the Alameda County Public Health Dept on Measles

  • The Alameda County Public Health Department urges vaccination against measles due to a statewide outbreak that has reached Alameda County. If there is a measles outbreak in your school, Public Health will direct all unvaccinated children to stay home from school for at least 21 days, the length of the incubation period. For more information please the visit Alameda County Public Health Department at:

    As of January 27, 2015 Alameda County Public Health Department (ACPHD) has confirmed 6 cases of measles and is investigating many other suspect cases. Four of these cases are associated with Disneyland exposure. Hundreds of contacts have been identified. In all of 2014, 4 measles cases were confirmed.
    As of 1/26/15, 73 cases of measles have been confirmed in California, 50 with epidemiologic link to Disneyland parks. 13 additional cases have been confirmed in 6 other states and 1 in Mexico. For the most up to date California measles case counts, see

    Others in the San Francisco Bay Area now have confirmed cases, and secondary measles exposures have likely occurred in the Bay Area.

    Patients include children and adults, and the majority of cases statewide with known vaccination status are unimmunized individuals. Measles is very infectious, and airborne transmission can occur in crowded settings. Transmission during previous outbreaks has occurred in the following settings: household, health care setting, hospital, church, airplane, and school.

    Think of measles in patients with a fever and rash, especially with a history of travel or exposure to venues with international travelers, or measles patients. It is important for health care providers and the public to be aware that there is currently a risk for acquiring measles in California.

    What is measles?
    Measles, also called rubeola, is a highly contagious illness caused by a virus. It starts with fever that gets worse over several days, cough, runny nose, and watery eyes. After a few days a rash develops and lasts about a week. Then it gets better by itself. Some people get a more serious case of measles which can cause diarrhea, middle ear infection, pneumonia (lung infection) or encephalitis (brain infection).
    Measles illness during pregnancy can cause early labor, miscarriage, and low birth weight infants. Measles in people with AIDS or weak immune systems can be very severe. In the United States, 2 out of 1000 people who get measles will die from it, usually from the complications of the pneumonia or encephalitis caused by the infection.

    How is measles spread?

    Measles is spread person-to-person when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or shares food or drinks. The virus travels easily through the air. It can live in the air and on surfaces for up to two hours. An infected person can pass the virus during the four days before the rash appears and for four days after the rash begins. A person who is exposed to measles and is not protected by immunization will probably become sick 7 to 21 days after exposure.

    What can I do to protect myself?

    Immunization is the best protection. Two vaccines against measles are used in the U.S.: MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) or MMRV (measles, mumps, rubella, and varicella [chicken pox]). Each vaccine protects against the diseases listed.
    If two doses are given, the vaccine is more than 99% effective in preventing measles. The first dose is at 12-15 months; the second may be given as soon as 28 days later. In California, many children get their second dose when they are getting ready for kindergarten. Adults born before 1957 are assumed immune and therefore do not need to be vaccinated.

    Additional Information
    California Department on Public Health -- Measles
    San Francisco Department of Health -- Frequently Asked Questions
    City of Berkeley Department of Health--Measles
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) --Measles Frequently Asked Questions


  • Free or Low-Cost Immunization Clinics in Alameda County

  • Click here for Alameda County Flu and Immunization Clinics that provide vaccinations for children and adults, Tuberculosis skin tests, Hepatitis Prevention, Travel Shots, Seasonal Influenza and more.

    Family Justice Center in Oakland on Thursday afternoons from 1 – 4pm is an immunization-only clinic that can immunize uninsured children of all ages and adults for free.


  • Maintenance Announcements: LED Street-lighting installation

  • In the next several weeks, some important UVA projects will have immediate traffic & parking impacts. Please be alert and aware of this work taking place.

    LED street-lighting installation
    Beginning the week of February 9th we will be retrofitting all tall-pole street lights throughout the Village to LED-style fixtures. This installation is a critical energy-saving and light pollution-reducing initiative, supported by the Campus Energy Managers’ office. This project is similar to a number of projects undertaken by nearby cities and for the same reasons.
    During installation, this project will have impacts on parking near all light poles. Daytime ‘No Parking’ barricades will be placed in spaces near light poles, in advance of work in those areas. Please observe and comply with those signs as they appear, if your parking space is near a street light. It is expected that about 6-8 lights per day will be replaced making this an approximately two week long project. After years of reaching for the ‘low-hanging fruit’ of sustainable energy conservation and carbon-emissions reductions (implementing compact fluorescent retrofit of interior lighting; elimination of older polluting vehicles, etc.), this project’s approach goes after the more difficult, yet high-yielding changes needed to meet our campus energy-reduction targets. Each LED street light uses about one-third the electricity of the old style fixture being removed (53 vs. 150 watts.)

    In the near-future, other important projects—photo-voltaic solar-power carport installations in West Village; further retrofitting of aging building fixtures—will also have an impact on the Village carbon footprint and the unit’s energy bill.


  • 2015-16 PartySafe@Cal Intern Recruitment (Application due 4/7)

  • Application deadline April 7th, 2015

    Click here for Application Details


  • Work Study Student Job Opening at University Village: HOMEWORK CLUB COORDINATOR

  • Homework Coordinator
    Start date: 1/12/15 - 6/11/15 (with academic breaks)

    Work Schedule -- All Days or Part Days/Times:
    Mondays, Tuesdays, & Thursdays: 3-5:30pm
    Wednesdays: 2-5:30pm

    Apply at and find the job #9581137271


  • Work Study Student Job Opening at University Village: ACADEMIC CENTER CONSULTANT
  • Homework Club VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!

  • The Homework Club is a FREE after-school program for Village Residents, which helps children in grades 3-8 with their homework. This is a VOLUNTEER RUN PROGRAM, so we need your help!

    Homework Club Hours:
    Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays: 3--5:30pm
    Wednesdays: 2--5:30pm

    Please email


  • Safety Reminder

  • We recommend you to:
      - Lock your doors at all times. Use the dead bolt lock on your entrance door.
      - Shut and secure windows when you're not home or sleeping
      - Do not leave valuables in your car
      - Lock and roll up your car windows


  • Protect your belongings left outside of your apartment

  • Residents have reported items being stolen from just outside of their apartment doors. These items include shoes, mail packages, bikes, etc. Please protect your belongings by not leaving items outside of your apartments. If needed, contact your mail carriers and give instructions not to leave packages outside.

    If you witness any suspicious activities, call UCPD immedately. (911 from your land line, and 642-3333 from your cell phone)


  • RESIDENT ADVISOR ON DUTY phone number is 224-8298

  • Just a reminder that residents do not need to know which Resident Advisor is on duty.

    You can simply call the RA On Duty phone # which is always 224-8298.


    Program & Event Announcement

  • Family Friday (3/27)

  • Family Friday

    Movie: The Jungle Book
    Where? Four Corners Room, Community Center
    When? 3/27/2015

    $1 per pizza slice
    Free water, popcorn
    Movie starts at 7pm, food will be available 6:45pm


  • Work-Study Job Opening at University Village

  • The Village Office has a job opening for work-study student! We are looking for students who can start immediately and continue to work throughout the summer. Flexible and additional hours are available in the summer. For details, go to the workstudy job site at and search for job ID #2811243168


  • Sign-Up for Spring Sessions for Children's Recreation Classes Now!

  • Enrollment is now open for soccer, gymnastics, basketball, art, circus, aerial and more.

    If interested, please visit


  • Pilates Class on Mondays at 12 pm

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  • Village Sing Along (Tuesdays & Fridays)

  • Tuesdays at 10:30am: Village Community Center.
    Fridays at 4pm: Apparatus Bay (on Monroe St. across from the totlot)



  • FREE English Conversation Class on Thursday nights

  • VSM resumes English conversation on Thursday nights from 7:30-8:30 pm in Four Corners and the Cafe. All visiting scholars, graduate students and spouses are welcomed. There is no sign-up, and it's free. Just come, and talk about various topics, even if you previously attended.


  • UCPD at UVA!

  • UCPD at UVA!

    Visit the new Facebook page to learn more about the UC Police Department sub-station located in University Village, and "like" us at:


  • Spring Break at the UVA Academic Center

  • The Village Academic Center will be closed for Spring Recess beginning from Saturday, March 21st, through Saturday, March 28th. We will re-open for normal Sunday operation hours (12:00 to 8:00) on Sunday the 29th.


  • Village Family Cram Night - Come study with your family! (3/30)

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  • TEENS: Nacho WEDNESDAYS! (4:30-6pm, Wednesdays)

    For Village Resident Teens: Ages 13-17

    Stop by between 4:30--6pm
    Every Wednesday!
    Community Center, University Village


  • Village Chess Club

  • Let's play some chess! This is a population program put on for children and teens; however, all chess players or aspiring chess players are welcome--from beginners to Grandmasters. If you and your child are interested in learning and playing chess, this is the perfect place to learn by playing in a friendly international community. Childcare is not provided. Boards and sets are provided, as well as a limited amount of pizza!


    Join our Facebook page for updates:

    Our first meeting of the Spring 2015 semester will be next Thursday, January 22, at 6:30pm! After that, we plan to generally meet the 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month at 6:30pm in the community center according to the schedule below:

    January 22
    February 5
    February 19
    March 19 (NB, not March 5)
    April 2
    April 16

    For more info, click here.


  • For On-Going Events and Groups:
    Go to Village Calendar of Events

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