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Norton Mitchell

Associate Director of UVA and Residential Security Program | 510.528.5391

Howdy Howdy folx! I’m Norton [he/him/his], the Associate Director here at UVAmazing and the (on-campus) Residential Security Program! I’m a former resident and student. I lived and worked in UVA and on campus since ‘95 and had 3 children in the process. So there is a sentimental aspect to my work in Family Housing from “being in your shoes”. I’m looking forward to creating a wonderful living environment so that you can look forward to returning home each day after school…. to the best community you’ve ever lived in. You’ll see me walking and whistling through the community, please say hello and introduce yourself! I enjoy riding my bike, and finding the best stouts, ports, and amarettos! I drink coffee and tea also LOL. Make sure to peep my socks game! People often stop me and be like, “Hey Norton! What you got on?” and I reply, “Don’t worry ’bout it…That’s the spla!” Hahahaha