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Gymnastics program on hiatus

Welcome to the Gymnastics Plus program!

To help acquaint you and your child to the Parent Participation class, please read and refer to this handout as needed throughout the session.

The Parent Participation classes have been developed for children 9 months to 4 years old to explore with a parent (or other designated adult) a world of games, songs and equipment designed to encourage gross motor development, self reliance and joy in movement. Initially, many children seem to enjoy exploring the room on their own, familiarizing themselves with the space and equipment available to them and observing others at play. We have found that their participation becomes full of fun if children are allowed to slowly gain a relaxed approach to their play here.

There will be two instructors in each class, one of whom who will be conducting an ongoing lesson throughout the class time on an apparatus or play area. Please feel free to seize this opportunity for instruction at any time during the first 30 minutes of class. For children who do not wish to be involved with the lesson, the second instructor will be moving around the room helping parents and children on an individual basis. Your child may want to repeat the same activity over and over again: do not worry, this is their way of really mastering the skill and building confidence in their abilities. When it no longer holds interest for them, they will move on to something else. During the last 10-minutes of class we generally have a circle time for songs and other directed activities. If your child does not wish to join the group at this time please feel free to play quietly in another area.

  1. Stay With Your Child At All Times.
  2. One Child At A Time On The Trampoline, Trapeze and Rings.
  3. Remain Aware Of The Movements Of Other Children In The Room To Avoid Collisions.
  4. When In Doubt With Respect To Safety, Ask An Instructor.

*Older Siblings Must Be Occupied By Observing During Class – They May Not Participate On The Equipment ! ! !