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Bear Pantry

The Bear Pantry

1050 Monroe St, Albany, CA 94706 |

What is the Bear Pantry?

The Bear Pantry was first established in 2009 by a student parent living in the Village who wanted to serve low income families and those with dependent minors. Since then, the Bear Pantry has evolved to a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with dedicated staff to support basic needs efforts at UVA. The Pantry is open to all UVA community members (residents and staff) and currently provides produce, hygiene products, and baby products as well as emergency food services for residents experiencing crisis. Our work is possible through donations and essential partnerships with UC Berkeley offices and community organizations such as The Basic Needs Center, Student Parent Food Donations Program, Berkeley Food Network, Alameda County Community Food Bank, and Help a Mother Out

What do I do to access the Bear Panty?

The Bear Pantry serves the UVA community which includes all residents and staff. At the moment we have the capacity for community members to come once per week. No registration is required and we do not require any proof of need. All you need to bring is your Cal ID and bags to carry your groceries! 

Don’t have your own Cal ID? Not a problem! You can bring a picture of the Cal ID of the student or staff that you live with. 

Where is the Bear Pantry and what are the hours?

We are located at 1050 Monroe St (next door to the Community Center) at the corner of Jackson Street and Monroe Street. Our hours shift based on staffing so please check this website, emails from our listserv, and our signs regularly for the most up to date information. Our current hours are:

Sunday: 9AM – 11AM

Monday: Noon – 2PM

Tuesday: 4PM – 6PM

Wednesday: CLOSED

Thursday: 1PM – 4PM

Friday: CLOSED

Saturday: 9AM – 11AM

What can I get at the Bear Pantry?

The items we have available at the Pantry is dependent on the donations we receive that week. When you visit us, you will see some staples as well as a variety of other products that change week to week. We aim to stock nutritious items as well as community favorites. We also have a limited supply of items to meet a variety of dietary needs. You can expect to see:

Food (Once per Week)

  • Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables 
  • Canned Goods
  • Shelf Stable Items
  • Protein Option 

Hygiene (Available Once per Month)

  • Soap & Sanitizer
  • Dental Products
  • Menstrual Products 

Baby Products (Available Once per Month)

  • Diapers
  • Baby Wipes

How do I contact you or get updates about the Bear Pantry?

You can email all inquiries and requests to join our listserv to

How can I get involved? 

The staff who work the Bear Pantry are called Basic Needs Assistants. They are responsible for food recovery (picking up donations), organizing inventory, handing out food and goods, and programming. 

If you would like to volunteer, check out the Student Parent Food Donations Program who runs the weekend Pop-Up Pantry. This is a registered student organization started in 2014 to address food insecurity faced by the student parent community, and to support efforts in reducing food wastage. 

The Student Parent Food Donations Program is currently looking for volunteers! Volunteering is a great way to impact your community, make friends and connections, plus there are some perks! Volunteers get first access to PopUps, are entered in monthly raffles for gift-cards, and best of all: you get to work with the amazing Bear Pantry staff!

More details and information can be found on the Student Parent Food Donations Program Facebook page. You can also contact 

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