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Upcoming Network And Router Changes At UVA

Internet at UVA:

Quick Reference Guide

Getting Connected

  • Residents should connect to either Eduroam (computers and phones) or Berkeley IoT (gaming consoles and smart TVs/streaming hubs)
    • Devices that require communication between other devices on the network may not work on the network and no technical support is offered for these devices (e.g. wireless printers, smart home devices, cameras, etc.)
    • Internet modems and router/modem combos do not work at the University Village and should NOT be used
  • For information on getting connected:


  • Residents reporting poor signal/slow connections should try a wired connection.
    • Residents can request a ethernet cable and/or USB ethernet adapter from the UVA main office, if they need one (while supplies last)
    • Devices must be registered before connecting them to a wired port on the Aruba AP by going to (or see


  • Aruba Access Points (APs) only operate on a single, pre-designated port.
    • APs cannot be relocated and should not be unplugged, removed, or tampered with.
    • APs provide internet access not only for the unit they are located in, but neighboring units as well.
  • Starting July 1, 2023, personal routers are no longer supported at the University Village–technical support will not be provided for routers.
  • Starting July 1, 2024, personal routers are no longer permitted to operate at the University Village.

Additional questions regarding technology/internet policy should be directed to Student Technology Services: