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Nature Village: Sustainable Family Living at University Village

University Village

Nature Village focuses on improving sustainability at the University Village Housing Complex. As part of the Housing and Dining Sustainability Advocates (HADSA) program at RSSP, Nature Village grows, supports, and inspires sustainable living in University Village by:

  • Promoting sustainable living through education and outreach.
  • Increasing awareness of environmental protection, energy conservation, zero waste, and carbon neutrality.
  • Providing guidance and resources on sustainable living best practices.
  • Creating a unique green living environment that is suitable to University Village’s multicultural community.
  • Collaborating with campus groups and departments to implement new operations, programs, and initiatives that realize sustainability metrics.

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Nature Village, in partnership with campus and student staff from SERC and Cal Zero Waste, have completed many projects and events since Nature Village’s founding in 2012. Examples include:

  • End the Cycle Laundry Project: an ongoing distribution of drying racks to residents and attached water & energy conservation stickers to all the Village’s washers and dryers
  • The Waste Management Project:
    • e-waste recycling at the University Village Office
    • provided individual and large-scale composting bins across the Village
    • updated the trash/recycling enclosures and added new signage
  • The Bike Project:
    • added a bike fix-it station
    • new bike share program in 2016
  • Move-In/Move-Out guide developed
  • Yard Sales, Eco Movie Nights, Village Festival

Meet Our Staff!

Sara Amiri, Nature Village Director

Hello University Village! I’m Sara. I’ve been a resident here at the Village since the beginning of 2017. I became the Nature Village Director the following year in 2018 to help fellow students and have a positive impact in our community. Nature Village is an environmentally conscious program to help educate and foster eco-friendly and sustainable habits in the village community so we can reduce our environmental footprint. Having a positive environment to call home is extremely important and I hope to ensure that residents are receiving the support they need to thrive and keep up to date about events here at the Village.

As someone who has greatly benefitted from the opportunity of being able to live here, I would like to give back and contribute to the improvement of the community. Being the Nature Village director has allowed me to further integrate myself into the community while assisting others!

In my free time, I love spending time with my bunnies, finding yummy pastries around Berkeley, and hunting for cute stationery. 

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