Ride Your Bike to Ocean View East Family Workshop

Date:  Sunday, February 23, 10-11am
Starting Point:  Basketball Court on the south side of Monroe, next to the UC Village Community Center, across from the Apparatus Bay.
Bring: All attendees who wish to ride should bring a bike in good working order and a helmet. Parents or a friend must ride with their kids. Bring a bike lock to practice locking your bike to a rack.
Register with: KenMcCroskey@Gmail.com
Workshop Details:
Bicycling is an effective way for kids to get to and from OV East at Albany High. Albany has recently added a new crossing of San Pablo at Dartmouth that makes it safer than ever to get from west Albany to the middle and high schools. This workshop should bring your family up to speed on where and how to do so. The workshop will cover:
  • Basic bike readiness and checkout
  • Helmet fitting
  • Hand signals
  • On-road safety
  • How to navigate the route
  • Where to find bike racks at OV East 
  • Locking your bike
We will gather on the basketball court to review and practice basic skills, then set out for OV East via 10th, Codornices Creek Trail, cross San Pablo Ave. to Dartmouth Ave., The Ohlone Greenway, and Portland Ave. to the Albany High campus. Parents or a family friend must accompany their kids on the ride. We will find bike racks on-campus, and practice locking bikes. We will ride back to the basketball court.
This workshop is designed to get families ready for biking to OV East. It is not meant to be a complete bike riding education. You can find more free family and individual cycling education classes on the Bike East Bay website at bikeeastbay.org/education.
Ken McCroskey is an Albany parent whose kids have attended four of our local schools. He is a League of American Cyclists Certified Instructor with a decade of experience teaching with Bike East Bay, the Safe Routes to Schools program through Cycles of Change, and beyond. 
Please contact KenMcCroskey@Gmail.com to register your family or with questions.