Order out of Chaos; Planning Your Move

The spring semester is winding down; projects, papers, exams & dissertations are all coming due. On top of that you are planning to move out. How do you plan for the most orderly possible move with all this chaos!?

Don’t procrastinate in giving notice and laying out a plan.  With so many things shifting, it is hard to keep track of it all. You are required to give at least 30-day’s notice prior to move out. Late submittal of your Intent to Vacate (ITV) can add unexpected costs to your departure. You may submit your ITV to the Village Front Office OR to Cal Housing Assignments (at 2610 Channing.) If for any reason you are late in submitting your ITV, and are attempting to file with less than 30 days’ notice, the request will need to be reviewed & approved by Cal Housing Assignments.

Next, map out a plan of calendar milestones for arranging inspections, packing, cleaning, and preparing to arrive at your new destination.

Upon submitting your ITV, you may request an “Initial Inspection” prior to move-out. This inspection helps residents identify those areas that must be cleaned before moving out, as well as cite any damages that may have occurred during tenancy. Usually scheduled during work hours, about two weeks before move-out, the inspector will leave you an itemized checklist of items found to need cleaning or repair, as well as our established hourly labor rates for recharge.  While this inspection may not cite damages that are concealed, difficult to discern, or occur subsequent to the inspection—for which you may still be responsible—the intent is to give a fair assessment of what actions you need to take to avoid charges against your deposit.

Additionally, you should begin submitting forward address information for your mail to any subscription services you have, and the US Postal Service (www.usps.com/ ) as well as your account in Campus Solutions (CS). Mail forwarding can take about two weeks to catch up with you after departure.  Having done these things, you are well on your way.  For additional tips, see the Guide to Living in Family Housing section on Move-Outs, starting on page 39. Family_Housing_guide.pdf