Nearly Wintertime

Now that the chill of winter is in the air, most people will be turning on their furnaces regularly. It’s a good time to review just how our heat system works.


Our heaters are "hydronic", meaning they are powered by the same water heater that produces your domestic hot water. Turning the heat up higher than necessary (i.e., 80˚ F degrees!) affects the amount of hot water available for bathing or kitchen use. This can result in unsatisfactory heating, and pushing the thermostat higher will not result in a higher temperature. It will also needlessly tax the hot water heater and shorten its useful life. Also, overheating your apartment can contribute to mold growth when spores are present.


Many Village apartments have a programmable thermostat. For instructions on programming your thermostat, please check your packet of manuals, typically located in the kitchen pantry or hall closet.

If you have not amended the program, please try the default settings before adjusting.

[Default settings are 68˚F (@6am); 65˚F (@8am); 68˚F (@5pm); and 62˚F (@10pm) for overnight.]


If you need assistance on programming your particular type of thermostat, check with the office.

You should not need to set your thermostat higher than ~68-70˚ F to maintain a comfortable temperature for when you are at home in early morning and evening. For times of day when you are not at home or are asleep, your thermostat should be set-back several degrees so it does not needlessly heat your space and the fan is not waking you up at night.


[Note: more recent replacement thermostats are NOT programmable; they are a simple on/off setting. Please avoid setting these higher than ~68-70˚F during the day, and remember to turn them off when leaving home and overnight.]