Down the Drain

With extra guests and holiday feasts comes the possibility of over-loading the kitchen or bathroom drains and the resultant backups. Please dispose of items properly; don't put everything down the drain and expect the drains to clear it all. Food waste should be composted (in green ‘toters’); Drink containers should be rinsed & recycled; flattened cardboard or paper can be recycled too (in blue ‘toters’); food-contaminated plastics or other non-recyclable items can go in the trash (in black dumpsters)


Residents are reminded that they should NOT put paper towels, disposable diapers or baby wipes, sanitary napkins, condoms, tampons, dental floss, grease, tooth brushes, toys, cellophane or any plastic wrap, or large wads of toilet paper into the toilet or any other drain. These will all clog drains and can result in charges to residents for plumbers to clear the line.