Be a Sustainability Champion (part 3 of a continuing series)

Electronic Waste is abundant in our lives, a by-product of planned obsolescence and technological improvements in devices we now use all the time—computers, printers, televisions, DVD/blu-ray players, gaming equipment, cell phones, etc. Even robot vacuums and refrigerators have computer chips in them these days that need to be disposed of properly. Silicon chips and heavy metals used for circuit boards need to be kept out of landfill and recycled since they can contaminate groundwater & soils.

These items should NOT be disposed of in regular garbage or recycling bins.

There are a number of options for properly handling e-waste disposal. When you buy a new piece of equipment, or an old one breaks, you can recycle the old item by:  

1)      Taking it to an approved collection point. Sometimes City of Albany, Berkeley or El Cerrito hold collection events advertised to the public.  E-waste can also be taken to any of 4 collection locations for Household Hazardous Waste; the nearest is in Oakland.

2)      For small devices, bring them to the collection bin inside the Community Center, right at the entrance to the basketball court. For cell phones, remove the battery and put it in the battery collection bin.

3)      For medium sized items (i.e,, DVD players, printers, computer screens), you might call the office or bring it by for handling.  For large or heavy items (big flatscreen TVs; older CRT or projector screens), best to take it to the nearest trash enclosure, and call the office to notify crews that it needs to be picked up.