Be a Sustainability Champion--continued

Proper collection of COMPOSTABLE materials is a true mark of an advanced Sustainability champion.  Compost separation & collection for multi-family apartments became law in Bay Area counties in 2017, as a way to separate nutrient-rich, biodegradable materials from landfill/garbage dumping. For urban-dwellers who have little garden space, this is different than making one's own compost or mulch in a backyard tumbler, as the material goes to a large industrial compost sorter. Therefore proper sorting on the consumer end is critical for material to be useful in making clean compost.
It is vital that NO STANDARD PLASTICS of any kind make their way in this stream. DO NOT USE the produce bags from the grocery store; just because it might be a green color doesn't mean it is biodegradable! You can line the compost collection bin with newspaper--from your subscription OR from weekly ad papers that show up in the mailbox. If you must use a bag liner, use only biodegradable bags with brand names such as "Bio-Bag" or "Natural Home". These days even big manufacturers such as Glad are making biodegradable compost collection bags. Please stick with those. To start you off, we have placed Bio-bag dispensers in every UVA laundry room, so you can experiment with using them. Please only take a few, and only use them for composting.
Food scraps, bones, coffee grounds, tea & teabags are perfect for separating in the compost container issued to your apartment. You can also add paper materials that are food contaminated--cardboard pizza boxes, paper fast-food & waxed to-go containers, donut & cake boxes; as well as non- recyclable paper--such as tissues, napkins, paper towels are perfect for the Compost stream. 
However, please be careful not to discard chemical 'wipes' in this stream--these have non-biodegradable fibers and cleaning chemicals that can affect the composting process. Also, stick with food & food contaminated items. DO NOT DISCARD grease or cooking oils in large volume.
Also please be careful not to discard other non-compostable items--NO Disposable Diapers (!), NO Plastic, NO Styrofoam; NO clothing or shoes;--put those in grey landfill dumpsters.  NO Recyclable materials--put those in the blue toters.