Be a Sustainability Champion!

Be a Sustainability Champion...sometimes it starts by just being a courteous neighbor!
Neatness and proper disposal of items in trash/recycling/compost enclosures depends upon EVERYONE at the Village taking responsibility for one simple thing that helps
+ disposing all items properly
+ keep toters & dumpsters neat
One simple thing everyone can do different--FLATTEN ALL CARDBOARD BOXES.
+ Remove all packing (plastic bubble wrap/air bags or styrofoam are re-usable, not recyclable!)
+ Cut or remove the tape.
+ Open end flaps.
+ Fold down flat (larger boxes might be folded twice).
Keeping recycling cardboard flat also helps to 
+ Make it easier to carry from your apartment to the enclosure.
+ Fill fewer toters; making more space available for additional recyclables.
+ Reduce work by the crews that must pickup the material.
If you want to go one step further, make sure if you use the 2-yard 'Cardboard Only' dumpsters, that you
+ Flatten and stack neatly
+ Do not add stray items--i.e., ONLY Cardboard.
The Plastic Problem--
If you recycle at all, you may have read in the past year how the market for recycling has changed, making it more important than ever that plastics are properly handled.
Routing a small amount of plastic film in the wrong recycling stream can gum up the machinery and add to costs of re-processing, such that even more plastic heads to the landfill.
That is why understanding the big picture is indispensable to the scale of the issue, and how individual commitment is critical to the solution.
PBS explores the scale of plastic intrusion into our environment and ourselves. 
How plastic contamination is clogging local streams and filling our oceans, affecting all life on the planet.
How this problem will affect your child's future without taking action now, and how you and your household can take small steps to help reduce use and tackle the problem.