BBQ Policies

Dear Residents,

With BBQ grills being fired up across the Village to celebrate the end of the semester and the beginning of summer, we'd like to remind you of  the following policies to ensure that you can enjoy grilling without violating any policies or distressing your neighbors:

- No open-flame grills are permitted on patios, balconies, or within 25 feet of  our buildings. Charcoals grills are considered open-flame grills.

- Propane grill use is not allowed in the Village. Unused propane grills may be stored without the propane tank. Propane cannot be stored in Village apartments.

- Electric grilling surfaces (including hot plates) are allowed on the patio and balconies, but please be mindful of fumes and smoke that may distress neighbors with respiratory sensitivity and violate our health and safety policy. In the event of a complaint, you may be asked by Village staff to move the grill 25 feet away. We recommend using electric grills indoors with the oven vent.

- Grills must be attended by an adult at all times due to the presence of small children.

- Please dispose of  hot coal responsibly by waiting until it cools and using the coal disposal boxes near public grilling areas.

- Please clean up responsibly if you use a public grilling area.

- Excessive trash requiring clean-up work by staff will result in a service charge.

Thank you,

University Village Staff