Audible Fire Alarm Testing begins Week of May 14 in East Village

Our central Fire Alarm crew will begin their required annual inspection of residential space next week. This required inspection demands that we enter all units and verify conditions of all fire sprinkler heads, and alarm horns and strobe lights. Due to the demands of coordinating with a contractor to verify our team’s work, this inspection is very stringent how they must move through the buildings in order to minimize sounding of alarms.

You will receive direct notice of the specific testing day for your building, and you will see the language is very terse about the need for cooperation in entering. This testing will compete with child nap times and may present some issues for residents with accommodation animals. There is really no wiggle-room here for amending access times, as the testing will take place with alarm systems fully audible and needs to be tightly coordinated. When you receive the notice, please be sure all family members are informed of the details, particularly any family members who do not speak English. Your assistance is appreciated.