NEW: Aphid Control Work rescheduled for next Wed & Thurs (4/26 & 4/27)

Dear Residents:

Previously scheduled aphid control work has been postponed until next week (4/26 & 4/27)due to the vendor issue. 

Thank you for your patience.

Village Office


Previously sent email on Aphid Control Work:

On Wednesday 4/19 & Thursday 4/20, Davey Tree Expert Co., a certified contractor, will be applying an insecticide using Arborjet Tree Trunk injection system that targets sucking insects (aphids) around certain species of trees that overhang parking spaces, sidewalks, benches and other property at UVA. These particular trees are targets for aphids when their populations emerge each the spring.  Aphids secrete a sticky substance known as "honeydew".  Much of this honeydew rains down from the aphid infested trees onto people's cars, sidewalks, patios and buildings creating a sticky black mess (the black color is mold that grows on the honeydew).  It is difficult to remove without lots more chemicals and water.  Treating the trees using this method is safe, cost effective, and the application method most protective of humans, pets, and water quality.


The insecticide is called Merit (formulated for sucking insects) and it works by being taken up through the tree's trunk vascular system then transported to the leaves and stems in the tree's canopy where aphids suck the sap out of new tree growth. No insecticide is sprayed or sprinkled in the air or on the ground surface; it is injected directly into the trunk where it is less likely to be disturbed or washed into storm drains (data sheet for Merit available upon request).


The certified applicators will use Arborjet Injection System to inject the insecticide at specified locations on the tree trunk.  This method places just the right amount where the trees vascular system can take it up into the canopy while avoiding any spraying or sprinkling of chemicals in the air or surface where it could come into contact with humans and pets.


They will be working on all of the Raywood Ash Trees (Fraxinus 'Raywoodii') growing in the boulevard and over parking spaces on both sides of Gooding Avenue (Bldgs. # 115, 116, 122, 125, 141 & 143), in Parking lots Islands of E-6,  E-8 & E-13 and south side of Bldgs. 130, 131 & 132.  They will also do most of the Zelkova trees (Zelkova serrata) growing in boulevard over parking spaces on both sides of Ohlone Avenue. (Bldg. # 110, 112, 115, 116 & 117).


This is done Weather Permitting and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


UVA Grounds Supervisor

Thomas Bilskemper


Phone 510-526-8505 Ext. 262