Maintaining Your Trash Enclosure

Dear Residents,

Groundskeeping staff would greatly appreciate your help in keeping the trash enclosure in your area clean. They are noting increased instances of improperly disposed trash, compost, and recyclables, which have resulted in your neighborhood's trash enclosure becoming extremely unsanitary and attractive to rodents. While our groundskeeping staff do their best to clean up the trash enclosure every day, it is often again in need of special attention by the following day. Please help our staff maintain our facilities and maintain hygiene by properly disposing of trash, compost, and recyclables into their respective bins. Please do not mix trash, reclycables, or compost; this can result in waste management not emptying the bins due to contamination, which contributes to the trash enclosure's disarray. It is important for all residents to properly dispose of waste, compost, and recyclables to maintain a safe and clean environment for our families. Failure to do so is a violation of Residential Conduct and may incur a cleanup service fee.

Thank you for your help in keeping the community a safe place to live.

University Village Staff