The Limebike E-Bike Sharing Program

You may have ridden the bold red JUMP electric bikes (e-bikes) when they were launched as part of a campus pilot last semester. That program has proven immensely much so, that there's hardly a bike to be found down here at the Village during the week. The JUMP program will be expanding, as per the original plan and the sustained high demand, as we proceed through the spring semester.

However there's also another e-bike sharing program that might be of use to residents at the Village, Limebike.  
These bright green & yellow bikes were delivered to the Village last week and can be seen all over Albany & El Cerrito as a pilot project engaged by those two cities.
See the flyer and the company website for more details Children 16+ years old, and from 13-15 with parental consent, are eligible to ride.

One concern, since these bikes can be locked and left nearly anywhere, we ask that riders be mindful not to block any ADA accessible passageway or other transportation path (i.e., bus stops, parking spaces, etc.)
Please note, though, the Limebikes are not meant to go up towards campus, as that is outside of their territory. At this time there may not be penalties for doing so, though the focus area for Limebike is north of the UVA site. At minimum this should put pressure on JUMP bikes to introduce the expansion of their program at UVA soon.

CONTACT US ANYTIME: email: | call: 1-888-LIME-345 | text: 1-888-546-3345|

Safe Riding!